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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  March 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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early voted friday, believed rubio he could pull off a an upset on tuesday. >> if people here in south florida, in miami turn out in big numbers for marco rubio, is he going to win, we've seen tight race. >> but florida international university policy analysts says rubio has an uphill bottle. >> early voting has been in tump trump's favor, absentee voting is in rubio's favor, it will be tough to tell whether he will be able to overcome that deficit, i don't think marco will get there. >> reporter: early voters who brought her son with her, she had to get here early. >> to bet those long lines on election day. >> you think it is going to be busy on election day. >> polling places in miami-dade county voters were getting through in a matter of minutes, the supervisor says 8000 people
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and this weekend is likely to be busy. >> i doubt that there will be lines but all 25 will be available, we'll be open from 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. i think it's enough time in a day for everyone. and our wait times are going to be posted on the website. so far we've had no wait times. to lines or any kind of wait at all. >> reporter: and one reason people are getting through so quickly is because it is a very short ballot. so early voting will remain open until 9:00 p.m. on sunday here in broward county. in miami-dade county polls will close at 49:00 p.m. on sunday. -- 4:00 p.m. on sunday. >> joan, thanks a lot. florida senator bill nelson campaign inning for hillary clinton today, nelson held a get out the vote for clinton, something for her in the final days before the florida primary.
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for hillary. but we're not taking any chances, all of these volunteers in broward are just working their fingers to the bone. >> senator nelson also campaigned for hillary clinton in orange county. stay with cbs4 news for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 now through election day and more information on the final days of early voting at any time head over to cbs4 news we'll have a special education of cbs4 news this morning leading up to florida's primary look for completely lex coverage monday and tuesday right here on cbs4 news. a good samaritan is being call adhere row tonight after pulling two people from a sinking car, cbs4 news anchor joins us from the control room. >> that good samaritan was on his way to work when he actually saw the minivan go off
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what he did next saved the lives of two people. >> the badly damaged shell of a minivan is pulled from the water, the two people inside might still be in it had it not been for a good samaritan who jumped in to rescue complete strangers. jessica thomas was on his way to work early this morning when debris hit his windshield northwest 7th avenue and sunrise boulevard. >> i saw a -- right into the water, submerging into the water, i stopped immediately. run across, took off my cell phone, dialed 911 and i was beginning to -- begging people to stop. >> drivers continued on their way, non-stopping to help until an fbl employee pulled over. thomas handed him his cell phone, still on the line with 911 and jumped in the canal. >> so once i give him my cell
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i when in i rescued two people from the water. >> those two people trapped inside the submerged van, a father and his 10-year-old daughter knocking on the window desperate for help. thomas couldn't open the doors so he pried open a window. >> the little girl jumped on my neck and i pulled her, she said my leg. >> thomas carried the girl to shore and went back for her father. >> i embraced him and told him it's okay, i saw flash in the little girl's face, embraced them and told them they are safe. >> safe because of the under stated heroism of a man who happened to be driving by at the right time. >> it could have been my son, know. so, and i just did what anybody else would do. >> the father and daughter were taken to the hospital with minor injuries and are expected to be okay thanks to the good investigating what caused the
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>> thank you. we've got breaking news right now, chopper 4 live over a brush fire burning out in west miami-dade off northwest 6th street and 138th avenue. we are being told 160 acres burned so far. the division of forest rye is on the scene and aircraft is also working on the fire. it's close to containment right now as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you. and new at 6:00 a student accused of being a cyber predator appeared before a judge today on new charges, 18- year-old terry finland was also charged with two counts of armed threats of extortion, he used a text messaging app kick to target girls. he is jaws cod of threatening to harm their families if they did not send him nude pictures of themselves. also new at 6:00 a boat stuck near the causeway, miami- dade sent us pictures of the versus sell, the boat lost its
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under the causeway, the boat was towed out of the area and we are told that no one was injured. florida international university fired its womens head basketball coach, today marlin chin was fired today, this comes two weeks after the team captain sexual harassment. pete are. >> reporter: eliott, marlin chin was fired in the first year of his five year contract as head coach of womens basketball team. our news partners of the miami harold said sexual harassment allegations were made by the captain of his team. chin is married and has a child. the allegations from a senior captain of the womens basketball team test knee fagan were disturbing, head coach marlin chin was fired for cause. fagan told our news partners that chin propositioned her,
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sent her text messages that made her feel very uncomfortable. >> that is what is going down they should have fired him, these are young women in college you don't want to be harassed by some creep. >> the announcement came on the same day his name surfaced with the athletic committee, the decision comes after mr. chin admitted to university officials that he knowing levi lated ncaa by laws regarding impermissible benefits provided to a student athlete. >> sexual harassment shouldn't be so al tolerated at all so i think it was a good choice. >> we tried to reach chin and this recording. >> hello you have reached marlin chin head basketball university. >> miami harold sports writer before writing the story. >> she said he told her i have
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>> fagan told him about is several text messages, chin sent her as well as the way he communicated on road trips. >> he said you know, there were various sometimes late night phone calls on the road. >> minor conversations hey can you come up to my room. >> faga nsaid chin touched her in appropriately before a game. he hugged her, he kind of groped behind. >> fiu says malcolm will continue to serve as interim head coach, a national search has been launched to find a permanent head coach for the womens basketball team, fiu says the title 9 investigation into the case will continue and harold is reporting that the school will not have to pay the coach for the final four years of his contract. we're live in west miami-dade peter lynch cbs4 news. still ahead, a major league
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cuba will be held later this month during president barack obama's visit to the island. i'm gary nelson, a big policy gun for president obama comes to miami making the case for reaching out to cuba. the story coming up on cbs4 news. also ahead, a new state of the art development in liberty city, the new apartment complex that serves as an educational initiative, we've explain. what do all these colors mean, the green is what we are tracking, that is what the computer models say the heaviest amount of moisture sin the atmosphere. you can see it's still pretty far away. that's the big question, i'll have the answer for that in just a few minutes cbs4 news at
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a sign of the historic change in cuba, baseball great
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baseball players for major league baseball's first exhibition game on the island in 17 years, also mark jeters first major appearance since he retired in 20134. the trip will feature a tampa bay rays exhibition game in havana on march 22nd, cuban baseball greats like tion will also participate. president barack obama is expected to visit game. asking for authorization to enter cuban waters, they are trying to fight a longstanding proclamation which they say prevents u.s. citizens from going to cuba, believing if americans can travel to the island then cubans living in the united states should be able to do the same. they are hope to go sail to cuba during the time that president obama is on the island later this month. one of president obama's
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to make arguments for normalizing regulations with kuehn a, the president's surrogate took questions. here is cbs4 news gary nelson. >> president obama will shake fidel castro's. >> i'm going to cuba. >> looking to build more bridges and do some arm twisting. >> in the growing conversation,. >> deputy security visor making the case for making nice with castro, he saided renewed relations. >> engagement is broader than just with travel and hospitality. >> the president will press cuba to open up the internet, broaden communications. point man spoke to a large crowd. >> darlene rodriguez backs reaching out but fears the change in the law that gives cuban refugees favored status. >> the cuban act is going to disappear and going to continue
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cuban to come to this country. >> she didn't get a guarantee. >> we are not looking at changes to what. >> many cuban american politicians. >> president obama has rewarded the castro regime for oppressive tactics. >> i'm a cuban american dissent. >> glenn camillo says human rights abuses. >> speaking out cuban government, people are winning, the cuban people are not winning. >> obama will talk human rights with activists. >> he will be meeting with civil society, meeting with -- >> u.s. embassy jeffrey prominently not talk being human rights or anything else. >> he is not giving interviews. >> i just wanted to ask the 'em bass is a door with cuba. >> no, he did not. >> the president's representatives in miami say ultimately up to the cuban
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change to the island, change they believe will be accelerated by reaching out to cubans in as many ways as possible. a new state of the art development is now in the heart of liberty city and it is promoting education. the tree of hope was planted to symbolizing the village apartment the will become. the $40 million state of the art residential community along northwest 69th street has 150 units. now that the project has come full circle community leaders announce the we rise educational initiative. >> this is not only housing, it's an educational entity for the homework, parents, academy to benefit the residents but also with internet connectivity to learn the process. >> at the epicenter the affordable housing will be an
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learning center and mentoring programs. when children are done with school it's expected to be a safe place for them to study and do their homework. great to see and so needed in that community. and do you know what would be great to see also, is winds have died down a little bit because they can get dangerous with the rip current. >> you are looking to do some you are ifing this weekend, i have seen you out there before. >> no, no. >> i have seen you in that speedo. ellie wants the good beach weather. looking out over the causeways and port miami. tomorrow it's still going to be on the windy side, high risk of rip currents, be careful at the beaches tomorrow as opposed to sunday. right now we are in the mid 90s, miami, fort lauderdale, relative humidity is .11%, wind blowing 11 miles per hour.
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still blowing 20-25 right now. high temperature 79 fort lauderdale. normal high is 80, upper 90s, low 80s around broward and the keys. still warm in some parts of the state. >> 75 in tallahassee. 81 in fort myers, everybody else in the mid to upper 70s, the weather is dry, today is one of those perfect days to take one of these state wide trips on the turnpike up .95 or 95, see the sunshine state, it would have have been a beautiful date. good day for one of those one day road trips across the state. we have moisture back across the gulf. back towards texas. low pressure system is spinning away just south of san antonio. that is weather system we want to keep our eyes on. that flooding rainfall has been pounding 10 states over the deep south and gulf coast. this is going to be something we watch over the next few days, by the time it gets here
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tomorrow still dry, moisture getting a little bit deeper into the gulf of mexico. and then pretty much on top of us by sunday but much much weaker by then, notice higher humidity and a slight chance of showers in the afternoon into early sunday night and monday. a few clouds out there, crescent moon, temperatures down to 90, for the boaters southeast winds 10-15. surface 71. daylight saving begins tomorrow night, before you go to bed officially at 2:00 a.m. mostly sunny tomorrow, a few scattered showers sunday afternoon. once we get the past shower threat monday as well, eliott. >> john thank as lot. cbs4 news is busy working on the 11:00 news. control room with a quick look at what is in the works. >> well after weeks after that incident that could have easily killed a jockey tram bed is
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how hard the recovery has been. that and more tonight at 11:00, eliott back to you. jim berry up next with
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not near a tv watch all jim berry is here with sports, i thought the dolphins were big spenders. >> they were until this year, now they are going to the outlet mall to do shopping, sometimes you get the before
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dolphins bring in more depth at a bargain price shoring up the leaky offensive line. there you see it bush signing his one year with the fins playing both tackle spots. grimes didn't take long to find a landing spot, the cornerback signs a two year, $60 million deal with the tampa bay buccaneers former dolphin chris hogan is in for a nice pay day. defense rookie eliott was 7-11 was he was always open. hoe begun a three year deal worth 12 mill pretty good money for a guy known as 7-11 john me football is out of football for the time being, browns cut johnny manziel sending his disastrous two year run with the team. look what they are doing to his
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he still make face charges in which he may have hit his girlfriend. in the acc tournament it is big boy time for the basketball kings they face virginia tonight in the battle of power house teams. rodriguez and mclevel loan pass virginia tech, starting second half, close game could not miss from downtown hit three straight three. and showing why he is legit nba prospect, look at the moves. the two combined for who points, kings win thanks to the guys who have been there. >> you know, angel and sheldon, these guys sitting next to me have just been tremendous, great fun to coach, great kids to be around, they come with a lot of enthusiasm and energy and effort and execution. >> as does coach el.
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he is a great place right now but stopped short saying when and if he is play this season. wade loss at milwaukee, the bulls won't have jimmy butler so maybe the two wouldn't weigh each other out. >> it would be great to have chris punch back. >> you want him to be healthy, you done want him to take foolish risks, i know how well he sees the team, chris don't rush it. >> it's important, jim, thanks a lot. don't forget you can tell us what you think about the news of the day or something going on in the community,
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that's our news for now, cbs evening news with scott pellly. done forget you can watch all of our newscasts streaming live on have a great evening much >> pelley: a gentler trump at the debate, but more violence at his rallies. >> i think there are two donald trumps. >> pelley: and they don't agree with each other. >> i don't think there are two donald trumps. i think there's one donald trump. >> pelley: also tonight, rising waters put thousands of homes at risk.
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and an undying love. oh, my dear our love is here to stay. >> pelley: and steve hartman with a nurse who gets the surprise of her life. >> i have goosebumps right now. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, donald trump's rallies drew more protests, his campaign drew a big endorsement, and his opponents drew up an emergency plan to break his momentum. marco rubio sacrificed his campaign in ohio, telling republicans there to vote for their governor, john kasich, on tuesday, to deny trump the win. then, hours after trump praised the more dignified tone of the debate last night, he ridiculed protesters at a rally, calling them, "the people that are destroying our country."


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